The System - Point

With point detector systems the Scorpion smoke generator is permanently installed behind or adjacent to the point detector. Up to four Scorpions can be fitted to each Scorpion cable run with a maximum circuit length of 500 metres. As many circuits can be installed as are required by the site. The Scorpion circuit is a radial topology with each Scorpion providing end of line termination where necessary (unlike loop circuits the cable does not need to be returned to the Access Point).

The Scorpion system is powered and activated only at the time of test when the hand held controller (which also provides the power and data transfer capability) is connected to the Scorpion system through the Access Point. The Controller interrogates the Scorpion system and displays the number of Scorpion heads connected to the Access Point as well as the zone and location information. Transfer of the commissioning and test result data is also carried out by the Controller which has the capacity to store up to 10,000 test results.

Automatic monitoring of alarm activation is achieved by an isolated connection between each Scorpion head and the remote LED output from the associated point detector. This indication that the alarm has activated enables Scorpion’s sequential test feature to automatically test all detectors on the system (if selected), receive confirmation that detectors have activated and enable the time to alarm to be recorded. At the end of each test fan assisted clearing is performed by Scorpion for rapid smoke clearing and detector reset.