Scorpion - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

What is BIM?

“There are many definitions of Building Information Modelling (BIM), but it is simply the means by which everyone can understand a building through the use of a digital model. Modelling an asset in digital form enables those who interact with the building to optimise their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset.”

Source: NBS (National Building Specification), January 2016 -


What is Scorpion?

Scorpion is a new solution for testing smoke detectors and aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems installed in hard-to-access locations.

Most smoke detectors are sited where they are in easy reach of conventional pole-based testers. These are routinely tested every year in accordance with standards and codes of practice, without causing great disruption, inconvenience, safety concerns, or at high cost to the building owners.

However, smoke detectors are also required in areas that aren’t readily accessible, such as lift shafts, voids, hazardous areas, high atria and secure or sensitive areas. When tested, these incur higher costs as they require risk assessments, access equipment or additional staff, and often need to be done out of working hours or even require operations to stop for the duration of the test process. 

A Scorpion head unit is a smoke generator installed next to the hard-to-access detector. When required it generates smoke which is directed towards the detector, providing a safe functional test.

The Scorpion test process is controlled by the Maintenance Engineer from an easily accessible wall-mounted control panel or a portable controller connected to an access point. The head unit only has power applied for the duration of the test.

Scorpion greatly improves testing during the life of the building. It reduces testing time, reduces testing costs in terms of labour hours, and dramatically lessens the workload and inconvenience involved.

Scorpion epitomises the objectives of BIM – helping deliver “greater whole life value for the asset”, without compromise.


How Scorpion works

1. Smoke generating Head Unit (for ASD or Point smoke detection) installed at the detector.

2. Head Unit wired to an Access Point or a Control Panel. 

3. The Maintenance Engineer runs the test using a Portable or wall-mounted controller in safety, and without disruption to the buildings occupants. 

Scorpion BIM Objects

The installed components of the Scorpion system are available as BIM objects. These are free to download and use.

BIM Objects are available for:

  • SCORP1001 Scorpion Head Unit for Point Detectors
  • SCORP2001 Scorpion Head Unit for ASD Systems
  • SCORP8000-001 Wall-Mounted Control Panel
  • SCORP25-001 Access Point (for use with a Portable Controller)

Note: No Climb Products Ltd. holds and retains the IP rights to the BIM models available for the Scorpion components.

When using access points, the maintenance engineer will need a portable controller (Scorp7000-001). The engineer will also need a battery to power the Scorpion system (Solo760-001 with Solo726-001 charger). As these are not installed components but are carried by the Engineer, they are not required or available for the BIM environment.

Scorpion BIM Objects (Download files)

Technical Data and Installation Instructions

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