Point Smoke Detectors

What is Scorpion?

Scorpion is a universal functional test solution for hard-to-access point smoke detectors.  Scorpion is permanently installed adjacent to the detector it is designed to test, and can be fitted as a retrofit or as part of a new installation.  The smoke test is then run from a convenient position whenever required.

Scorpion activates smoke detectors (ionization and optical / photoelectric technologies) from the world's leading manufacturers.  These include detectors used in smoke activated fire door closing systems.  A Scorpion installation uses its own cabling - keeping it separate from the fire detection system.

How does it work?

A Scorpion Head Unit is connected to an easily accessible Control Panel or Access Point, (for use with the NEW Engineers Portable Controller), which is where the Service Engineer interfaces with the Scorpion system. The Control Panel or Access Point can be positioned near the fire panel or control and indicating equipment, allowing the Engineer to monitor both the smoke activation from the Scorpion as well as its effect on the detector.

A Control Panel can control up to eight (8) Scorpion Head Units located up to 100 metres away depending on cable type used.

An Engineers Portable Controller, used in conjunction with an Access Point, provides an alternative solution for sites with only a small number of hard-to-access detectors.  In these cases, each Scorpion Head Unit is permanently wired to an Access Point, again located up to 100 metres away depending on cable type used.

The system is powered and activated through the Control Panel or Engineers Portable Controller using a removable battery pack or battery baton, leaving the system inert when not in use - preventing accidental or malicious activation.

Why do you need it, what are the benefits?



  • Smoke generation tailored for functional testing of point type smoke detectors
  • Adjustable smoke time to suit characteristics of system under test
  • Clearing function enables quicker reset and reduced repeat alarms

Testing capacity

  • In excess of 240 tests (of 15 seconds) per Scorpion Head Unit

Suitable detector types

  • Optical / photoelectric
  • Ionization

Appropriate Stimulus

  • Benign particulate avoids material contamination
  • Consistent, repeatable stimulus from one test to the next
  • Approved by world-leading detector manufacturers


  • The only way to activate hard-to-access smoke detectors in accordance with  codes and standards and without the need to work in inaccessible situations
  • True functional testing using stimulus with wide smoke particle size, range and characteristics to activate different detector technologies
  • Resolution of access issues avoids conflict with safety (access) and security rules

Pedigree & Approvals

Scorpion is designed and manufactured by the world's leading (and only ISO 9001 registered) specialist manufacturer of fire detector test equipment.

Detectortesters work closely with detector manufacturers from around the globe and have done so for many years. Scorpion has been tested and proven to work with a number of manufacturers' systems, with more being added continuously. Please contact us if you need confirmation of your requirements.

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*Only to be used on endorsed detectors.  Contact us to confirm suitability with your system.