New Scorpion Controller Brings Greater Flexibilty

Detectortesters (No Climb Products Ltd.), the world leading designer and manufacturer of test equipment for fire detectors, has today increased the appeal of its Scorpion product range with the addition of a portable controller.

Scorpion is a functional test solution for hard-to-access point smoke detectors and aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems.  It allows detectors installed in hard-to-access locations to be tested quickly and easily and in the same time as detectors within easy reach.  By enabling this, Scorpion eliminates disruption and removes the need for additional staff and specialist access equipment – all of which would normally be needed to test the detector.

The new controller, launched in response to market feedback, connects to a wall mounted access point linked to an individual Scorpion smoke-generating test head.  Testing of the hard-to-access detector is then simply carried out without any risk or inconvenience.  The controller is perfect for  sites with small numbers of hard-to-access detectors and those which may have numerous hard-to-access detectors distributed across multiple buildings.  A wall mounted controller, enabling the testing of up to 8 detectors, is available for locations with multiple detectors. 

Since the launch of Scorpion a number of sites have installed the product such as hospitals, shopping centres, universities and banks.  Applications for Scorpion within these types of sites include lift shafts, archives, server rooms, ceiling voids and high atria.  The Scorpion controller allows for more sites to benefit from Scorpion, ensuring all detectors regardless of location can be functionally tested simply, cost effectively and in compliance with codes and standard.