Case Study - University of Leeds

Following the recent launch of Scorpion®, the remote test solution for ASD systems, a number of installations have now taken place throughout Europe. One of the first installations was at the University of Leeds where Scorpion is being used alongside an aspirating system in an archive area of the building.

The Buildings

The University of Leeds charts its history back to 1831, becoming a university in 1904 since when it has consistently maintained its position as one of the world's leading universities. It now operates in buildings built in different styles, materials, and sizes. Maintenance of these building and the protection of its occupants is a passion of all the staff involved.

The Challenge

The staff face challenges in the maintenance and testing of the varied fire protection systems around the buildings. These challenges range from restricted or difficult access, architectural and aesthetic considerations, operational use of different rooms, and of course the year-round availability of the buildings for the students.

Scorpion at LeedsThe Solution

Detectortesters identified the challenges system designers and maintainers face in the testing of fire detectors in these environments, and have designed the Scorpion system to overcome these challenges. Scorpion is a remote functional smoke tester, designed to be permanently installed next to the point smoke detector, or at a sampling hole on an ASD pipe.

scorpion asd and logoLeeds University were one of the first organisations to install Scorpion systems, and chose an archive area of the building with restricted access as their first install. Multiple Scorpion systems were installed on the ASD system protecting this archive, allowing the fire system to be tested from outside the enclosure.

Scorpion means:

  • Time saved in gaining access to restricted areas
  • Repeatable test stimulus
  • Transport time measurement that enables changes in fire system performance to be monitored

Following this successful installation, the University of Leeds identified several other suitable locations for Scorpion.

In addition to the ASD version, there is also a Scorpion for point type smoke detectors - more information and applications for Scorpion can be found on our support pages.