Althuisius Warehouse Installation

Since the launch of Scorpion last year a number of installations in a variety of locations have now taken place, one of the most recent is at a warehouse in The Netherlands. 

The Buildings:

Althuisius is part of the Kooiker Group.  The Kooiker Group has about 175 trucks and transports a wide range of goods including beer, food, wood and tobacco.  Althuisius also store stock of foodstuff and rough tobacco in the warehouse, with bales coming from all over the world and stored in a guarded, clean and secure area.

The Challenge:

This large warehouse is protected by an aspirating unit provided by Aerocheck, installed and maintained by engineers of Avai. 

There are three pipe runs which are 60 metres in length and are situated 15 metres from the floor.  This, like many ASD installations, presents a real challenge when it comes to testing the system - often involving significant cost and investment in time.  The challenge was to reduce the time and cost spent on testing whilst still ensuring an accurate test of the system.

The Solution:

Scorpion was chosen as it offered the opportunity to tackle the issue of time and cost.  Scorpion is a functional smoke test system, where the smoke generating head is mounted on the ASD pipe near the furthest sampling hole, and operated from a control panel mounted in a convenient location.

The installation of Scorpion was extremely quick with the fixing and wiring all completed in a matter of minutes.  After the initial install it eliminated the need for specialist access tools, including the hiring of a cherry picker which was previously required whenever testing was carried out, and allowed a full test of the pipe integrity to be carried out from ground level.

Testing is now carried out in just 20 seconds via the push of a button on the control panel that starts the smoke test.  Prior to Scorpion, testing would take significantly longer and of course would involve additional time and cost required to move and set-up the access equipment.

The managing director of Althuisius Warehousing, Mr Sytze Meijer, thinks that the Scorpion has a lot of advantages when it comes to the reliability of the system.  Every month there is a test of the whole fire detection system, now alarm activation and system clearing happens considerably quicker than the traditional test methods and, as Mr Meijer says: "What is easier than to push a button and simulate a fire?"  In this way the owner of the system, Althuisius, the insurance company and the tobacco company, are sure that the system is working in the right way and that the goods stored within the warehouse are protected from the danger of fire.

In addition to the ASD version, there is also a Scorpion for point type smoke detectors - more information and applications for Scorpion can be found on our support pages. For more information and applications where Scorpion can bring benefits, visit

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