The Benefits

Improved Access Benefits

Detectors that cannot be accessed (or perhaps even tested) are often those most relied upon to function. In many cases they have either been overlooked and untested, or the cost of their maintenance has greatly affected lifetime cost and even system design. These detectors have disproportionately high costs - a combination of time, disruption and access equipment costs. Even engineered solutions such as aspirating systems have presented testing challenges - until now.

  • Detectors in secure areas checked without physical access
  • Detectors at height or in otherwise hazardous locations safely and quickly tested
  • Detectors in tricky locations such as voids, behind cable trays, or in lift / elevator shafts easily tested without expensive access equipment

Time, Disruption and Cost Saving Benefits

Scorpion saves time in a number of different ways. The most obvious are related to inaccessibility but Scorpion does more than bring inaccessible detectors within “testing distance”.

Up to eight Scorpion heads can be connected to a single, conveniently located Control Panel. Each Scorpion head is mounted alongside a Point Detector or at the end of an ASD pipe, at a cable distance of up to 100 metres (depending on the cable type used). This convenient single control point reduces the time to test the individual detectors, even assuming they can be reached in the first place. 

Add to this the elimination of disruption to the business caused by having to close off certain areas, restrict access to customers and members of the public, or disrupt 24/7 processes. Anything whereby 'normal' activity has to be interrupted has a cost, whether that be financial, reputational, or in customer satisfaction. Scorpion enables detectors to be remotely accessed and tested, with disruption totally avoided.                                                                         

  • Huge time savings from accessibility gains (even greater if physical access equipment was required)
  • Out of hours working minimized or eliminated
  • Physical access equipment costs eradicated
  • Disruption to 24/7 processes or public areas negated


What can be said about the potential costs of failing to comply with codes and standards that require life safety appliances to be properly checked?

Scorpion removes the need for deviations (variations) from codes and standards due to inaccessible detectors. Those that cannot be accessed (or perhaps even seen) are often the most relied upon to function. In many cases they have, until now, been overlooked and untested.

  • The only way to activate inaccessible smoke detector heads in accordance with codes and standards, and without the need to work at height.
  • True functional testing using stimulus with wide smoke particle size range
  • Resolution of access issues avoids conflict with safety (access) rules
  • Same (permanently installed) generator and stimulus from one test to the next


Audit Trail and Traceability

Audit trails and test records have different values to different people at different points. Aside from the obvious value of an audit trail in a litigious society, the record of what was tested and when, can assist with a periodic (twice yearly) rotation of testing.

In the particular case of ASD systems, recording the transport time from one test to the next and comparing it with commissioning data and acceptable deviation parameters can assist judgments over pipe and system integrity and reliability.

Future versions of Scorpion could have the ability to record test information such as:

  • Location information
  • Testing date / time stamp
  • Transport time measurements in ASD systems.

The roadmap for Scorpion is being developed to accommodate market needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can aim to deliver a product that fulfils your needs.