Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) Systems

Scorpion is a functional smoke detector test system for aspirating systems.  It solves a number of long standing challenges, assists compliance with codes and standards and delivers radical time, cost and disruption savings.

A Scorpion Head Unit is a smoke generator, permanently mounted adjacent to an ASD sampling point - typically at the end of a pipe run. Just one Scorpion Head Unit is needed for each pipe run regardless of the number of sampling points. The generator provides a benign and effectively non-contaminating stimulus with a particulate lifetime in excess of 120 seconds over 100 metre pipe runs. From its permanently fixed position, Scorpion provides over 240 controlled and repeatable tests of 15 seconds.

By monitoring and recording the Scorpion activation and the alarm signal, the transport time is measured. Comparing this against retained commissioning data, previous tests and acceptable tolerances enables judgments to be made regarding the integrity of the aspirating system.

Scorpion is suitable for all standard ASD type technologies including obscuration, particle counting and cloud chamber. It can be retrofitted to existing system or installed as part of a new installations.


  • Smoke generation tailored for functional testing of ASD systems
  • Adjustable smoke time to suit characteristics of system under test
  • Transport time function to monitor ongoing ASD system performance

Testing capacity

  • In excess of 240 tests (of 15 seconds) per Scorpion

ASD Particle lifetime

  • Suitable for 120 seconds / 100 metre pipe runs

Suitable ASD technologies

  • Light scatter
  • Particle counting
  • Cloud chambers


  • Helps comply with national and international standards on testing of fire systems.

Pedigree & Approvals

Scorpion is designed and manufactured by the world's leading (and only ISO 9001 registered) specialist manufacturer of fire detector test equipment.

We work closely with detector manufacturers from around the globe and have done so for many years. Scorpion has been tested and proven to work with a number of manufacturers systems.  Please contact us if you need confirmation of your requirements.

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*Only to be used on endorsed detectors.  Contact us to confirm suitability with your system